Practice Areas

Vehicle Accidents

Our firm represents clients injured in serious car, truck and motorcycle accidents, as well as boating and ATV wrecks. These cases often involve litigation against at-fault parties and also insurance companies for failing to pay appropriate compensation in accordance with policy terms. We also have significant experience in cases involving tractor trailer and big rig collisions.

Dangerous Property Injuries

Injuries sustained on business or personal property are all too common, and often have devastating effects. These include animal attacks, slip and falls, assaults due to negligent security, and unsafe construction areas. It’s important to have an experienced team of attorneys working for you at every stage of a premises liability case, starting with the collection of valuable evidence, such as video footage and maintenance logs, and ending with a fair settlement or trial verdict.

Wrongful Death

Knowing how to move forward after the unexpected death of a loved one is an emotional process filled with stress and uncertainty. Our legal team is here to help families pick up the pieces and hold those responsible accountable for their intentional or negligent conduct. We represent clients in cases where family members have been killed in motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse.

Medical Malpractice

Patients and families should be able to trust doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare provides to prevent avoidable injuries and deaths. When this trust is broken, our firm is there to stand shoulder to shoulder until justice is received. Cases we handle often involve failure to diagnose, surgical errors, prescription errors, and preventable infections.

Worker’s Compensation

Employers have an obligation to keep workplaces safe for their employees. When they fail to maintain proper safety processes, training, equipment and facilities, we work to ensure injury victims are compensated for their lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

It’s a difficult decision to put the care of an elderly relative in the hands of an assisted living facility. When your loved one is hurt by misconduct or neglect, the facility must be held accountable and remedy the situation. We represent clients who have been denied medication, over-medicated, unnecessarily restrained, and assaulted by those trusted with their care.

Other Injuries

We represent clients injured in many other types of legal claims where misconduct or negligence are key factors. These include bicycle and pedestrian collisions, assaults, malicious prosecution, mass transit accidents, whistleblower claims, and other causes of action.

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