Notable Cases

Verdicts & Settlements

Confidential/Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death

Kaylen Valencia Fordham, Individually and as Surviving Child of Damius M. Fordham, Deceased, by and through her Mother and Next Friend Chelsea Michelle Taylor, and Iris Fordham, as Administrator of the Estate of Damius M. Fordham, Deceased v. Mark A. Winchell, MD. And Savannah Bone & Joint, P.C., its agents and employees, and The Doctors company. Civil Action File No. STCV15-01286 (Savannah, GA)

Policy Limits/Worker’s Compensation/Wrongful Death

Constance Barnes Administratrix of the Estate of Paul D. Barnes v. Brown Brothers Sand Company. (Talbotton, GA)

Confidential/Wrongful Death-Product Liability

Plaintiff & Estate v. Alabama Power Company & Southern Company. (Birmingham, AL)

Confidential/Wrongful Death – Automobile Accident (Contributory Negligence)

Hazel P. Pullum, Mary Terrell, and Veroniece Marable as the Executrixes of the Estate of Thomas and Minion Peters v. Tommy Sewel and Georgia Power Electric Company, Jointly and Severally. Civil Action File No.99CV-2241-2 (Dawson, GA)

Confidential/ Catastrophic Injuries-Traumatic Brain Injury- Tractor Trailer (Contributory Negligence)

Eundray L. Baker, as the Natural Mother and Guardian of the Person of Derick T. Adams, and Incapacitated Adult v. Waggoners Trucking Company D/B/A The Waggoners Trucking (Inc.) a/k/a Individually and Jointly, and Tyrone Williams, Individually and Jointly. Civil Action File No.: SU06-CV3535-6 (Columbus, GA)

$4,500,000.00/ Wrongful Death-Tractor Trailer

Mary E. Thomas, as Legal guardian of Kwame N. McGinty, Jr., and Dequaveon L. Lewis (Minors) v. Pennsylvania Trucking Company. Civil Action File No.: 13SV-213 (Griffin, GA)

$1,000,000.00/(Policy Limits) Wrongful Death-Tractor Trailer

Ada Smith Individually and as the Administrix of the Estate of Matthew Smith v. Fallen State Express Inc. and Defendant Ezekiel McKnight. Civil Action File No.: 2002-CV066, 4:02-CV-111-3(CDL)(Talbotton, GA)

$1,750,000.00/Wrongful Death-Premise Liability

Shameka Nicole Johnson, Individually, and Shameka Nicole Johnson, as Administatrix of the Estate of Andrae Brooks ( minor), deceased v. Madison Ridge Management, LLC d/b/a Madison Ridge Ventures LLC., and First Communities Management Inc. Civil Action File No.: 10EV0-10541H (Atlanta, GA)

$850,000.00/Wrongful Death-Premise Liability (Contributory Negligence)

Mary Lewis Administratrix of the Estate Gwendolyn Lewis v. Fountain City Realty. (Columbus, GA)

$500,000.00/ Wrongful Death-Tractor Trailer(Contributory Negligence)

Teresa L. Hamilton, as Administratrix of Estate of Decorious Quavon Fabin, Deceased, and Kierrra Keshawn Fabin, Deceased Plaintiff v. Evans Delivery Company Individually and Jointly, Paul S. Floyd, Individually and Jointly. Civil Action File No.: CV10-1855-BA (Garden City, GA)

$550,000.00/ Wrongful Death-Tractor Trailer (Contributory Negligence)

Alysia Coppins-Powell, Individually and as Administratrix and/or Personal Representative of the Estate of Nicholas T. Powell, Deceased v. Capitol Motorlines, d/b/a Capital Trailways , d/b/a Southern Trailways, Southern Transportation, Individually and Jointly, Charles White, Individually and Jointly. Civil Action File No.: SU11-CV2763-64 (Defuniak Springs, FL)

$500,000.00/ (Policy Limits) Wrongful Death-Tractor Trailer

David Little et al. as Administrator of the Estate of Mamie Little v. Auburn-Opelika Delivery Service Inc. and Richard l. Brewer. (Talbotton, GA)

Confidential/Serious Injuries-Premise Liability

Hosiea Sparks Jr. v. Aflac and John Keegan, Individually and Jointly, et al. (Columbus, GA)

$500,000.00/ Wrongful Incarceration

John White v. The General Assembly for the State of Georgia (HR161). (Atlanta, GA)

Confidential/False Arrest

Kim Williamson v. Walmart, Individually and Jointly, Jamal Deassure, Individually and Jointly. (Columbus, GA)

Confidential/Premise Liability

Susis Truitt v. Dillard’s, Inc. (Columbus, GA)

$450,000.00/Wrongful Death (Contributory Negligence)

Deborah A. Turner Administratrix of the Estate of Shanta L. Turner, Deceased, and Deborah A. Turner, as Guardian of the Person and Property of Jakel A. Tomlinson, a minor child v. New Horizons Community Service Board, Individually and Jointly, and Robert E. Sims, Individually and Jointly. Civil Action File NO.: SC2002-CV1100 (Columbus, GA)

Confidential/Aggravated Assault

Grady Hightower v. Sheriff Ralph Johnson Individually and Jointly, Columbus Georgia Sheriff’s Department. (Columbus, GA)

$250,000.00/Serious Injuries

Annie Bell Alexander v. EMS Care Ambulance Individually and Jointly and Markel Insurance Company Individually and Jointly. (Columbus, GA)

$425,000.000/Wrongful Death- Automobile Accident

Lorenzo M. Williams Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Loretta B. Williams Deceased v. Muscogee County School District and Mr. Johnson Individually and Jointly. (Columbus, GA)

Policy Limits/Wrongful Death- Automobile Accident

Mable Shingles, as Administratrix of the state of Elizabeth A. Shingles, and Alexis Shingles, a minor v. Leo Matthews, III and Leo Matthews, Individually and Jointly. Estate No.: 2010-TA-0716 (Columbus, GA)

Confidential/Serious Injuries – Automobile Accident (DUI)

Richard Huddleston v. Thomas Whitmore. Civil Action No.: 99-CV-162 (Talbotton, GA)

Policy Limits/Wrongful Death – Automobile Accident

Christopher Jackson, Sr. and Jacqueline Willis, Individually and as Surviving Parents of Christopher Jackson, Jr. Deceased, v. Direct General Insurance Company and Shaneise S. Williams, Defendants. (Milledgeville, GA)

Policy Limits/ Workers’ Compensation/ Wrongful Death

Patricia Stevenson, as Guardian for Jaylin Taylor, a minor and next of kin of Michael Edwards, deceased v. Quality Distribution Quala Systems, Inc. and American Zurich Insurance Company, Defendants. SBWC Claim No.: 2009-028429 (Savannah, GA)

Policy Limits/ Wrongful Death – Automobile Accident

Laverne H. Booker, surviving Spouse of Speera E. Whiteside, Deceased v. Donnie Upshaw. (Dublin, GA)